{Fashion} Quynh Paris SS 2013 RTW – StyleFashionWeekLA at Vibiana – 7:30 p.m.

The vibrant pieces of design house Quynh Paris splash runways with bold colors and inspirational international trends. The collections of Nguyễn Quỳnh Nhu, designer and creator of Quynh Paris, exude a playful energy while experimenting with the structure of classic design. Elaborate embellishment evokes a sense of grandeur in her collections. Nguyễn’s dramatic style often transforms her models into walking art installations. She has created pieces with the delicacy of exotic flowers and others with the structure we might expect to find in futuristic buildings. The designer utilizes vastly different textures, fabrics, and forms, often in the same garment.  Nguyễn has also done several ready-to-wear collections. These pieces are designed for professional settings, their cut exaggerating the figure and incorporating unexpected draping. While these are perhaps less theatrical than some of her other collections, they still possess that unmistakable unique structuring and design that has come to be recognized as Quynh Paris’s own.

Nguyễn Quỳnh Nhu attended Mode’Art International in Paris, France, and majored in violin at the Conservatory of Music of HCM City in Vietnam. This is Quynh Paris’s first show with Style Fashion Week LA, the designer has previously showed internationally. See more at http://www.quynhparis.com/

About Quynh Paris:


Name:Nguyen Quynh Nhu

Awards and Achievements:

– Graduated from Mode’Art International , distinction Very Good – 1 Rue Bouvier 75011 Paris

– Exhibition “Journée Portes Ouvertes” at Mod’Art International Paris 14/03/2009

– Exhibition Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles 06/2009

– Fashion Show “Défilé Salon Des Miroirs 13, Passage Jouffroy – 75009 Paris 7/2009

Quynh has been previously Violonist for 11 years (graduate of Conservatory of HCMC), dancer (Vietnam-Russia Relationship and Cultural House), painter (Profession at 15 years, galarry at HCM city), model, Miss Gymnastics 1996.

Created Quynh Paris Company in Vietnam.

– Building QUYNH PARIS brand name by launching deluxe fashion (Haute Couture) following world latest trends to attain perfect quality in design and materials which imported from overseas or local in Vietnam.

– The collections inspired to speak to the woman, to give her confidence, power and sophisticated

• lifestyle.

• Launching pret-a-porter parallel with the haute couture lines for young and middle-age ladies at all sizes.

• Advertizing campaigns through media events, fashion shows, brochure, magazine, television talk show, glamorous events (Vietnam Charming Gala, Miss Vietnam, Models Award, Miss Vietnam World….).


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