Exhibition and VMODE The First Show | VMODE

MODE proudly present 2 spectacular events coming soon in this April: Exhibition and VMODE The First Show.


photo: VMODE

For the first time ever in Vietnam and in VMODE, the appearance of these 2 events promise to bring you the most extraordinary and brand new experience and the amazing surprises that you may keep WOWing about. VMODE Exhibition and The First Show assure to be what you would not want to miss for the world. Yes, you – all fashion crazily- passionate-lovers.

To indulge yourself in unique and special Fashion products, creative clothing collections created by talented students of VMODE, to take a deeper insight into differentiated courses and promising career opportunities that VMODE offers and most of all, to be inspired by the Fashion atmosphere in VMODE, you are very warmly welcomed to the Exhibition, which will take place as below:

Time: 9.00 – 17.00, 21&22/4/2011

Venue: HCM Display and Exhibition Center – 92 Le Thanh Ton – Dist. 1

For the first time ever, you will enioy an Exhibition in which creative art works of Fashion Design, Fashion Technology and Textile Design students displayed in front of you. Achievements, awards, different collection projects will strike you the moment you step into our door and it’s bet that you will want to be a part of it whoever you are.

We will provide whatever information you need to know about becoming a successful person in Fashion Businesses. A few bus trips to VMODE office will also be arranged for those who are interested in visiting the school on the spot. Giveaway gifts are available for comers!

VMODE The First Show will take place in the same place on 23/4/2011. It will feature the newest Haute Couture collection called Noir Roses and Gracieux Dame, specially made by VMODE students. Besides, costumes will be put in auction for Donation for victims of Earth Quake in Japan.

Entrance invitations are limited. Therefore, we encourage registration only at our Exhibition. Grab the chance to see the year’s most imposing, different and premium Fashion Show.

See you there!

AkiQuang – VMODE


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