The Flying Squirrel – young&restless Spring/Summer 2011 | [Phởn] box


She woke up to her worst nightmare, feeling utmost alienated.
A foreign place she found herself to be, home to strange creatures called “humans”.
Nothing looks the same, nothing feels familiar.
But as a master of camouflage and escapism,
she soon adapts the traits of mathematical geometry.
Now she is a fusion of both worlds: The organic attributes of the forest, her home, and the geometrical shapes of the city landscape.

About The Collection

Visualising a flying squirrel landing in an urban cityscape, the designer worked with simple geometrical shapes which took cues off modern architectures. The pieces are formed from basic shapes like squares, circles and triangles, which is evident when the garments are laid flat. Accentuating the woman’s curve, cut-out pattern drafts are ‘sandwiched’ and sewn together primitively (through non-fussy and uncomplicated construction). Though the concept for the collection was kept organic, when being worn, the fabric naturally falls into synchronizing drapes and flounces creating a bold effect. Body proportions, fitting issues as well as careful mathematical formulation were taken into deep consideration.
Breaking away from the austerity of A/W10, S/S11 features raised hemlines for a more optimistic and floaty collection. The designer hopes that the wearer will be able to fantasise themselves on escapism, like a flying squirrel, a bee, or even a butterfly; a desire to escape from reality. Ultra lightweight and breathable fabrics with a colour palette that resembles the transiting light at the end of a tunnel were used throughout the collection (e.g. aquamarine, turquoise, teal green juxtaposed with sandy tones and young&restless’ signature black colour).
young&restless S/S 2011 campaign and lookbook credits:
photography : Soon Tong (Calibre Pictures & Ideas)
fashion direction / designer : Ashburn Eng (young&restless)
writer: Luth Seah
hair & make-up : Chris Ruth (Muse b’Art)
model : Anastasia K (Upfront Models)



A womenswear line designed mainly by Ashburn Eng,
young&restless is made for the free-spirited, confident and unpretentious woman,
who is sophisticated yet, bold enough to daydream.
She is forever young and down-right restless.

Launched in August 2010, young&restless has since garnered much publicity and positive
reviews from both local and international media and supporters. The debut Autumn/Winter 2010
collection, titled Ritual, has been featured in local publications like Her World, Elle, Style, Cleo
and Female Magazines. Various international publications spanning several countries like the
United States, Australia, Europe, Vietnam and Thailand have featured rave reviews and coverage
towards the label and collection as well.

young&restless is also proud to be invited by Modefabriek to present its collection at the
spectacular 30th edition of Modefabriek’s NEXT Designer Platform in Amsterdam on 23-24
January 2011. The NEXT show segment showcases fresh designs from an impressive selection of
up and coming designers gathered all over the globe. In addition, young&restless is currently the
only Asian representative among all the designer labels selected for this event.

Designer’s Profile

Having achieved much success as a fashion stylist and creative director of Test Shoot Gallery,
Ashburn Eng’s works received due recognition when he was the recipient of the two top prizes at
the Iconique Societas Awards in 2009 for Best Fashion Stylist and Overall Winner.

Ashburn never fails to offer spot-on advice to the designers he has worked with. Throughout the
many years of his styling career, these designers have greatly benefitted from his knowledge of
clothing presentation and corrections. This, in return, sparked the idea of him creating his own
line of designs.

High resolution images and samples from the young&restless S/S 2011 collection are also
available upon request, so please feel free to contact:

Aki Quang at +84 933073736 or

for further information.

Aki Quang

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