[SweetMemory] Joying Unendingly with Viet Nam

TuoiTre- With slogan [We are Vietnamese Youth]: the youth are living, studying and working in Vietnam, USA, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore meeting on the blog yahoo.360( http://360.yahoo.com/niemvuibattan.vietnam) and excitingly debating a strategy of marketing the image of Vietnamese country which based on many academic game show models to spread Vietnamese Spirit to the world.

In another country, many over-seas students make questions to foreigners: What do you know about Vietnam?, or Where is Vietnam?, Have you ever travelled or have a though of visiting Vietnam?, Do you want to have business cooperation with Vietnam?

It is self-esteem to each Vietnamese when the mass media frequently have broadcasted advertisement programs about charming Malaysia, Korea with national character, impressive Thailand or multi-cultural, open-hearted Singapore on CNN, ABC channels. Wondering: Why do they do like that? Who is responsible for making Public Relation (PR) for a country?

With many questions which have not answered yet, Quang Canh Huynh (23 year olds) which is studying MBA in Taiwan trouble and it is nearly a week; Mr. Huynh planed a project of marketing Vietnamese country’s image through brand of companies in Vietnam.

At the end of June, 2006 Mr. Huynh returned Vietnam to internship and took the project for testing. On the occasion a friend which is member of Open Share invites birthday party of the website http://www.openshare.com.vn , Mr. Huynh made use of making friends with new members, and then bravely confided: Why did not each young citizen in Vietnam or in over the world join together to spread Vietnam? Community’s strength always wins in every age.

Sharing with Mr. Huynh’s thought, Truong Nguyen Minh Tam, marketing manager of HCMC PSM School, and other seven members helped Mr. Huynh to carry out the project “Unending joy with marketer” in the middle of August at V3 coffee shop.

With the idea of recognizing logo slogan, product, brand…, the project supplied social, economic, marketing knowledge for the youth which are fond of business. It is wonderful when the game show program succeeded with over 200 students, over-seas students, Vietnamese business men taking part, responding in.

Mr. Huynh continuously received invitations for celebrating the program in Ha Noi capital and Phu Yen province, Vietnam. Next days, the group quickly assembled 15 members studying marketing, human resource management, origination behavior, advertisement, information technology from famous schools in the world with the name “Unending Joy”.

To select logo-slogan for the program, Mr. Huynh had initiative of choosing heart symbol which is given as a promise: volunteer, combine Vietnamese youth on over the world to make a useful, creative recreative ground toward a Vietnamese community from Vietnamese talent, Vietnamese soul, and union.

After skimming through the internet by accident, Ms. Nguyen Viet Khoa (27 years old) has graduated MBA in Singapore boarding a plane to Vietnam on occasion Mr. Huynh implements “first work”. Ms. Khoa and Mr. Huynh made use of composing the strategy of marketing the image of Vietnam, culture, Vietnamese to students, pupils, visitors, personals which like activities in tourism field with the project “Unending joy with Vietnamese culture”.

Many ideas for marketing Vietnamese image through football, food, culture, education were divided into and carry out following specialty by the members. To be more professional, each project was evaluated its strong points, weak points, also chances and challenges. At the same time, linking online forums to build “South-East Asian youth forum” in next time.

With the desire of making PR for the country, last September Mr. Huynh took the project “Unending joy with Vietnamese culture” returning Taiwan to complete final semester and plan to celebrate a first academic game show in Taiwan offering over-seas students, business men, also Taiwan students which love Vietnamese tourism.


Link (Vietnammes): “Hãy vui bất tận với Việt Nam”


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