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Raun LaRose Spring 2011 – Modeled after Sonia Delauney’s integration of art with fashion, New York-based designer Raun LaRose sought to do the same with his fall collection by taking inspiration from modern European architecture. Bringing together clean silhouettes as his canvas and building upon them with structural graphics and details, spring’s collection comes to fruition around an unexpected progression of form and shape.

Photographer: Caius C.
Stylist: Raul Guerrero

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Burberry as well as up and comers like Copperwheat.

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Cavalli Class Fall 2010 – Making the rounds, Nikola Jovanovic’s latest work sees him donning a handsome array of suiting and separates for Cavalli Class’ fall efforts. Possessing characteristics of a dark season that may appear safe, it would not be a Cavalli outing without luxe fabrics, ranging from leather to velvet.

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Jacket by The Only Son

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Petrou\Man Spring 2011Idris+Tony photograph Lyle Lodwick for a preview of Petrou\Man’s latest collection. Complemented by the clean styling of Julie Ragolia, designer Nicolas Petrou looked to workwear for spring’s inspiration and effectively turns out perhaps his most accessible collection to date. Staying true to the graphic appeal of his work, Petrou embraces madras prints for a look that manages to be bold and daring, while toying with certain elements of the preppy aesthetic.

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