VN talents: “Earth Hour Party Artwork” by COME TOGETHER

By Nickurey

By Tuan Error

By Kute

By Jake Long

By Jake Long

by Denirokr

Earth Hour Lantern, created by Earth Hour

by Vo Tien

by Vo Tien

by Tuan Error

by Tuan Error

by Minh Inzaghi
Company Overview – Igniting change through young people’s imagination, creativity & collaboration using media, art, citizen agency & social entrepreneurship

Come Together! is a communications Initiative that utilises creativity and innovation to provide relevant information, connect people, facilitate dialogue and motivate action for change
MISSION – To pioneer an approach that encourages the youth of Vietnam to invest in their own development, which will unlock opportunities that will allow them to transform their ideas for social change into concrete action that benefits all of society.

VISION – A setting in which Vietnamese youth are able to achieve long-lasting social and economic benefits through the creation of necessary resources for innovative communications and collaborative action.

Products – Come Together!’s core approach is to mash-up ART, ENTERTAINMENT and SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT and come up with a new mix that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Film, Animation, Art, Design, Music, Dance, Fashion, Food, Blogs, Podcasts, Games

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