Denim, Denim and more Denim


When wearing with pants, pair the vest with a darker denim or trouser to avoid the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim duo-look.


Denim Vest from, $27; Livia Floral Dress from Delia’s, $45; Owl Head Drop Earrings from, $35; Jungle Bangle Stack from, $21; Cream Floral X Body Straw Bag from, $23; Sandals from Forever 21, $16


D&G Spring 2010


Blue Denim Long Sleeve Shirt from, $42; Fresh Racerback Tank from Forever 21, $5.80; Bleach Knitted Jeggings from Topshop, $70; Jordin Denim Short from Forever 21, $16; Tan Almond Toe Boots from, $68; Wanted Crete sandals from, $50; Owl Long Pendant from, $14; Leather Trim Aviators from Topshop, $30; Lucky Brand belt from, $50

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