Acne Fall 2010: Facepaint Goes Well With Alien-y, Winter Parkas


Swedish brand, Acne presented their fall ’10 line yesterday, and boy—was it trip down bizarro lane. The styling was reminiscent of an extraterrestrial spending the holidays in neolithic Scandinavia: There were stacks of arm—and leg!—bangles, furry ankle cuffs, greasy center parts, and metallic, forehead paint that made all the models look like they accidentally face-planted in a pool of nail polish. But amidst all the post-apocalyptic-borg details were pieces we could see ourselves wearing to death, like the oatmeal-colored coat, ferocious, chunky heels, and those great skinny trousers we’ve come to expect from Acne. Can’t get enough? Stay tuned for backstage and party pics!







By: Connie Wang


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