Style & Beauty: Fabulous Fuchsia


“Perfect for a young girl, this Notte by Marchesa gown, worn on Dec. 10, strikes the right balance between chic and frilly. The obi-like sash adds flair.” (Jon Kopaloff/


“This short L’Wren Scott dress, worn on Dec. 8, is a nod to the glam-rock girls of the ’80s, but the jacquard pattern refines it for the red carpet.” (CAMERA PRESS / James Veysey)


“This Marchesa mini, worn on Dec. 6, accentuates her collarbone and shoulders while narrowing her waistline. The tulip-shaped skirt adds a playful yet sophisticated touch.” (Johns PkI / Splash News)


“This otherwise simple dress by Ina Soltani, worn here on Dec. 16, sparks a glamorous red carpet moment when worn in fuchsia and detailed with ruffles.” (Byron Purvis/AdMedia/Sipa Press)


“The seductive silhouette of this Marchesa, worn on Dec. 15, is reminiscent of the 1940s screen sirens. Nude accessories keep the look modern.” (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)


6 thoughts on “Style & Beauty: Fabulous Fuchsia

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  2. Perfect combination of Naomi’s attire to mix of the pale bordeaux shade of perfectly cut dress, somewhat reveals the origami contemporary trend, flesh satin pumps and purse, all goes gorgeously well with her blond hair and a small, pleasant tint of dark poison red on her pedicure. Couldn’t deserve anything worse than hearty applause!

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