Spring 2010 Heels

Somewhere, at the intersection of high-fashion and functionality, there resides fabulous footwear that will sing to your soles. When the ride you caught there rolls away, and the dust begins to settle, you’ll see these heels statuesquely standing there. The combination of the sturdy, stacked heel, the zipper at the Achilles that allows your foot easy access, and their interlacing straps in three different shades of brown that conclude with a buckle at the ankle testifies to the existence of sensible shoes that simultaneously present a vision of vogue. Slip on these suede booties with tights, a flowy skirt, a bibbed blouse, and a cozy cardigan for a look that’ll inspire myths about your style savvy.

crossroads heels

Rimmed in gleaming, gold trim for a touch glamorous panache, these haute heels feature intriguing, petal-shaped, side cutouts, and tie securely at each ankle with a sturdy gold lace, while padded insoles keep your tootsies ultra-comfy as you live it up and paint the town! Wear these heels with anything from a pair of skinnies and a cowl neck tank to a glitzy, sequined mini dress for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Add a sparkling gold pendant and shoulder-grazing earrings for a look good enough to rock Friday, Saturday, Saturday, and Sunday, then do it all again!

Tippytoes Heels

You may not have been there the year that punk broke, but you can certainly look like it in these iconoclastic heels by Jeffrey Campbell. Break all the establishments of fashion when you show up to any scene, from an underground music venue in Greenwich Village to a gallery opening at your arts center, wearing these black heels. The true suede construction of these heartbreakers provides a sturdy stage from which the ‘una-voidoid-able,’ gold, pointed, conical studs can perform their duty of edgily accenting these shoes. So when you’re all reved up and ready to go out to pulsate to the backbeat of a band, pump up the volume of your outfit of black leggings, mini skirt, and torn T-shirt by finishing it with these heels.

new york 1976 heels

These stylin’ peep toes from Harajuku Lovers have a hot date lined up with a black, formal little number from a chic boutique downtown.  It’s not just any date mind you, it’s a black tie affair, and that frock certainly wouldn’t be seen with any old wedge. There’ll be champagne and hors d’ouevres—a far cry from those days of pizza slices and wine spritzers with that denim mini and simple fitted tee. Fasten the side zip and adjust the satin bow tie. There’s no time to reminisce, those were good times too, but tonight it’s all about mingling with the finest costume jewelry, textured tights, and flouncy tulle dresses. When it comes to style, you don’t rent. You own.

rented tux heels

Do you need a pair of heels to give you that kind of love that will last always? The kind of love that won’t fly away? There’s no need to vocalize your desperation for a perfect pair of pumps – these towering cherry red platforms from Harajuku Lovers are here to rescue you from the boring shoe blues! A 1.5 inch patent platform and a walkable 5 inch patent stiletto heel guarantees these open-toed shoes will be truly uplifting. Super sexy criss-cross straps at the ankle and a scalloped strap across the toes provide a secure fit and ‘Carey’ your outfit to new heights of chicness! Finally, teardrop and circle cutouts adorn the straps for an additional flair of fantasy! Pair with bright tights, a sleek pencil skirt, your favorite graphic tee, and a savvy red belt for a fashion-forward ensemble that will leave everyone singing your style praises!

Dreamlover Heels

Whether you’ve just stepped out of a storybook or just stepped out for a night on the town, mythically perfect shoes are a must. By shoe guru Jeffrey Campbell, these golden-hued pumps feature a dramatic ruffle, peep-toe and a unicorn-inspired heel you’ll have to see to believe. Pair it with a dress fit for a princess and sparkly accessories!

Unicorn Princess Heels in Gold

Sometimes there’s nothing more pleasurable than spending an entire Saturday at a gi-normous bookstore like NYC’s Strand, which boasts 18 miles of books! For a leisurely afternoon of browsing through the latest nonfiction tomes, strap on a vegan-friendly pair of heels like these faux-leather peep toes. With a zip closure at the back, and a cascade of strands emanating from a central strap over the toe, these pumps are sure to impress fashionistas and fervid literati alike! Pair with your favorite jeans, a ruffled top, a few strands of pearls, and prepare to lose yourself in a well-loved copy of Marquez or Marquand.

Browsing the Strand Heels

These pumps are worth rallying for! With a distinctive two-toned cider and process black leather outsole, modern take on a classic Mary Jane shape, and stratified surface, they are simply cute, Cute, CUTE! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, shoe architect Jeffrey Campbell did it again, taking the world by storm by making these breathtaking, groundbreaking studded shoes! Wear them to top off a pair of opaque tights, to seal the deal on a darling daytime dress, or to lock in a pair of long legged skinnies! Detailed with variegated chrome- and brass-hued studs that follow the lines, and hug the smooth rounded curves, of every inch of these heels, get a pair of these shoes for yourself, and tell your friends, before they’re gone, Gone, GONE!

Mary Jane Mayhem Heels

Sometimes, we need to indulge ourselves in pure, unadulterated opulence. These strappy open toe heels by Chinese Laundry are a striking case in point. Their bright violet, magenta, and jungle green strokes are sure to gain notice, and their sultry side cutouts lend intrigue to your evening out. Showcase these shoes by wearing them with any basic black jeans, skirt, or dress, and after a few fanciful evenings spent in their vivacious, splashy satin, you’ll know that your passion for these shoes is unlike any you’ve ever known.

Taste for Luxury Heels

Step into pure luxury with these black and gold sequined heels – their pattern of tiled sequin squares makes them utterly priceless! These lavishly laminated heels boast a number of exquisitely elegant elements, namely the allover circular sequin finish, metallic gold piping, savvy stiletto heel, and sexy slingback cut with wrap-around ankle strap. A plushly padded insole and platform base make for a comfortable fit to keep your highly precious panache shining all night on the dance floor! For haute stocks in style, pair these pleasing peep toes with black fishnets, a form-fitting satin gown, multiple golden necklaces, and a darling bow headband, ‘ore’ downplay their fabulous flashiness by mixing them with skinny jeans and your favorite graphic tee!

24 Karat Heels


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