Blouson Noir’s Spring 2010 Lookbook Brings Out The Urban Warrior In Us

Some days the city can be a jungle, and we feel the need to throw on some survival gear for protection. It might seem like it would be hard to plan an outfit around a pith helmet and a canteen, but Blouson Noir‘s safari-inspired designs are exactly what we’d hunt down. Designers Melanie Ward and Graham Tabor dress supermodels Freja Beja Erichsen and Lily Donaldson in a collection of structured jackets and loincloth-shaped skirts in a desert palette that looks as if it could easily go from subway to savanna. A zippered bustier lends toughness to a ticking-striped shirt dress, and power suits are interrupted by tribal details like raffia fringe, leather tassels, and saddle stitching. Now all we need is a pair of binoculars to help us spot taxis coming from a mile away.






By Vivian St.George


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