I love Etsy!

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Etsy local artisans in portland(Click to Enlarge)

I love Etsy! I find some of the most original pieces of artwork, home accents, accessories and gifts on Etsy. It got me thinking…why would I not be sharing this amazing site with all my readers?

First and foremost, I like to shop local. How do I do that? It’s so easy! Go to Etsy’s homepage and look on the bottom left under the Explore header. Select Shop Local and voila…you’re in the know!

Obviously, I adored our last lineup from Austin, TX but today’s featured location is none other that the great Portland, OR. Chock-full of great creators and imaginative artisans, Portland embodies great finds for even the pickiest shopper. It’s home to my lovely sister, her wonderful hubby and their gorgeous little girl. We’ve been to Portland and few times and enjoy the laid-back vibe, great breweries and eclectic inhabitants.

Featured above are six fabulous artisans with their Etsy store links below. Four killer accessories, a statement making spring dress and some tingly body scrub (yum!) Just imagine using fresh mint goodness and your new Clarisonic…oh, what an easy-breezy at home spa night that would be. Make sure to check out more selections in your area via the local link on Etsy and be sure to browse these local artisans stores too. Enjoy and make sure to check out all our other Portland home design and culinary finds on our sister blog – CasaCullen!

1. SpaGoddess

2. Valkasinskas

3. simply worn

4. sarah seven

5. Miss Annie May

6. FreshyFig


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