First Look: What to Buy for Spring – 25 Under $25

Trends for spring 2010

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[runwaydaily] I think Diane Kruger is one step-ahead of the pack with her recent BRIGHT PINK hued frock for the Golden Globes red carpet. If there is one word I can use to describe one of the emerging trends I see for Spring 2010 it’s…bright! The runways were flooded with electric colors, shades, prints and accessories. The brighter the better and mix-and-match to your little hearts desire.

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Best dressed at the 2010 golden globes

I’ve provided some inspiration images above from the Spring 2010 shows to get you going. Below you’ll find twenty-five amazing pieces that will never break the bank. Each one, coming in under $25 will step your wardrobe up a notch and be a great piece to wear all spring and summer long. It’s that easy dear readers…go for bright, go for bold, go for festive and have fun! Enjoy!


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