1. Nike Spring 2010 Auto Flight High

Nike Spring 2010 Auto Flight High

For Spring 2010 Nike presents its Auto Flight High hybrid sneaker in two new colorways. The high top will be released in red/yellow/black with a suede upper and in black/purple with a leather upper. Both will drop at Atmos some time in January.

2. Puma Spring 2010 First Round Mesh


The most popular Puma high top sneaker, the First Round, comes for Spring 2010 in a new mesh outfit. The sneaker comes in red and blue tonal mesh colorways with hints of patent leather and suede.

3. Supra Spring 2010 Skytop Releases

Supra Spring 2010 Skytop
Spring 2010 brings about four new colorways of Supra’s flagship Skytop. Brown Suede, Purple Patent Leather, Red/Black Tie Dye Suede and Acid Wash Denim models will all be releasing over the course of the next three months, while TUF Black, White Gunny TUF and classic Black Croc Suede versions will be carried over from previous seasons. The Skytop and other Spring 2010 releases will be available starting January 15th through authorized Supra dealers worldwide.

4. Supra Spring 2010 TK Society

Supra Spring 2010 TK Society

We continue to preview the new Supra Spring 2010 Footwear Collection. After showing you yesterday the new Skytop colorways, you get a look here at the new season line-up of the TK Society. The high top sneaker comes in four new varieties for Spring 2010: Rose Gold, Burgundy Patent Suede, TUF Blue Crackle and White Perf Leather colorways will be releasing over the next three months, with the Black Suede model carried over from the previous season.

The Rose Gold joints on deck for sale tomorrow – noon for in-store at Factory 413 followed by a 1pm PST release in the online shop.

5. Vans Vault Spring 2010 Collection – Mountain Edition and Half Cab

Vans Vault Spring 2010 Collection - Mountain Edition and Half Cab

Vans Vault has become a strong force in recent years. We have already previewed some Spring 2010 styles these past weeks and here are now two more to follow – the Mountain Edition and the Half Cab. The Mountain Edition comes in 3 colorways and the Half Cab comes in 2 colorways, both looking very solid in terms of color and material choice.


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