Top 5 Styles for the Little Black Dress.

[Classy & Fabulous’s WordPress] The little Black dress; a most on every woman’s closet. It is such a sophisticated and classy item that even Tim Gunn has it on his “Top Ten Essential for a Women’s Wardrobe.” Now days we have many styles to pick but personally I prefer the classic styles. So here are my Top 5 Styles for the Little Black Dress.

1) The elegant Strapless

An extremely elegant and sophisticated style. This is right now the most popular little black dress because of its simplicity and elegance. Because of its vertical silhouette it gives you a very slimming look. Also because of the open collar bone you have the chance to play with bold necklace that are so in style right now.

2) The Asymmetric / One Shoulder Dress

My personal favorite! This style is HUGE right now. You are not going to find a designer that does not have an asymmetric / one shoulder dress.  This is another great option that anyone can wear and look fabulous. You can add a broach or a bold bracelet to add more sparkle to your look.

3) Fun Mini

I love this style especially with long sleeves. This is definitively for girls who were blessed with absolutely gorgeous long legs. But no worries, if you were not bless with long infinity legs, high stilettos are here to the rescue.

4) The Glamour of the full skirt

This style is definitively the epiphany of elegance meeting femininity. This style is perfect for every woman. If you are lacking curves, the silhouette gives them to you, but if you do have them, this style also looks amazing! You can play with girly accessories to give this outfit a girly tone the outfit.

5) The classy off shoulders

Even thought this style is not so popular now days, it is still a very classy and elegant style. This style works perfect for the curvy ladies because of the valance of the top and the skirt. Because of the shape of the neckline, a gorgeous necklace choker would look fabulous.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Styles for the Little Black Dress.

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