Pierrepont Hicks


After falling in love and getting married, lifelong New Yorker Katherine McMillan found herself moving to Minnesota. After a few years, she decided to do what anyone who cut their teeth at Ralph Lauren would do—start a men’s haberdashery label. Pierrepont Hicks just launched with three unique styles of ties: A slim necktie, which also comes in a two-tone version along with a reversible bow tie. They’re made in New York’s garment district, by a man who’s been cutting ties since the 1960s. But this is the first time he’s stitched up green plaid one with an orange tail—a modern take on the classic hunter’s uniform. “It’s definitely for the guy who takes a confidant risk,” says McMillan. “Who wants a tie that can go from the boardroom to the bar.”

Pierrepont Hicks

Pierrepont Hicks 5

Pierrepont Hicks 6

Pierrepont Hicks 1

Pierrepont Hicks 2

Pierrepont Hicks 3

Pierrepont Hicks 4

Pierrepont Hicks 7


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