Go Bold

It’s true. We’re flashing ankles as we type. But you’ll need to cover up in the midwest, so we’ve enlisted the guidance of Swedish designers Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh. Their line, Happy Socks, offers a rainbow of colorful options and sells at the likes of Steven Alan and Opening Ceremony.

Rules of the Bold

Keep argyles for fall and winter and then come spring, break out the polka dots and lighter colors.
There’s a fine line between looking daring and looking like Punky Brewster. Wear colorful socks with tailored clothes or a great pair of denim. Striped socks and your ripped jeans, not a good combination.
We love colorful socks with loafers and shorts. Its very 1950’s collegiate with a modern twist.
Don’t go too wild. Neon green socks with a pastel suit are just plain Willy Wonka. But we love a hot pink sock peaking out from a black tie suit. Shocking enough to be appreciated.

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