Year in Review: Campaign Addict–Jon Kortajarena


Featured in more than a handful of campaigns for 2009, Jon Kortajarena became the quientessential staple without wearing out his welcome. Whether accompanied by a leading lady or left to his own devices, Jon turned out several memorable campaigns working with everyone from Diesel and Brian Atwood to Tom Ford. Transitioning from model to actor, next up for Jon is a role in Ford’s debut film A Single Man.

Diesel Spring 2009 Campaign

Desigual Spring 2009 Campaign

Guess Accessories Spring 2009 Campaign

Tom Ford Spring 2009 Campaign

Brian Atwood Spring 2009 Campaign

Jaeger Fall 2009 Campaign

Mauro Grifoni Fall 2009 Campaign

Maurizio Montani Fall 2009 Campaign

Tom Ford Fall 2009 Campaign

Matinique Winter 2009 Campaign

from thefashionisto


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