10 Men | A Day in the Life of Bernhard Willhelm

Outlandish designer Bernhard Willhelm makes for the perfect subject for 10 Men’s winter cover story. Taking a stab at ten questions asked by the magazine, Willhelm does not hold back, delivering witty blunt answers. Styled by Sabrina Schreder and photographed by Christian Anwander, Willhelm gives professional models a run for their money as he leaps and struts in a combination of his own designs and those of Vivienne Westwood.

Bernhard Willhelm produces a special kind of menswear that works for a small number in the population. Don’t read that the wrong way. Willhelm challenges just about everyone to re-examine the idea of fashion, season after season. His latest photolooks for Ten Magazine push this point home. The cover of their 20th issue says it all. Browse away. (cqc)

Pictures from 很大很大 @ TFS

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