Style in the Streets of New York


Tavi at Y-3 S/S 2010

Top: White Top – Skirt: Beige Long Skirt – Shoes: Beige Shoes

Tavi at Y-3 S/S 2010

Photo By: Phil Oh


Yellow Square Skirt

Shirt: White Shirt – Skirt: Yellow Square Skirt

Bag: Black MIU MIU Bag – Shoes: Black Booties

Photo By: Phil Oh


A Lady and Her Bicycle, NYC

Shirt: White Shirt – Jeans: High Waisted Jeans

Shoes: Brown Shoes – Sunglasses: Black Sunglasses

Fashion in the Streets of New York 2

Photo By: Phil Oh


A Young Geena Davis?

Dress: Blue and White Lace VINTAGE Dress – Bag: Black Bag – Shoes: Nude Heels

street fashion in new york

Photo By: Phil Oh


Dot’y Skirt

Jacket: Black Blazer – Top: Black Top

Skirt: Black and White Dot’y Skirt – Shoes: Black Peep Toe CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Heels

Dot'y Skirt

Photo By: Phil Oh

Outside Y-3, II

Jacket: Belted ESCADA Jacket – Shoes: Black Boots

Vest: Black Vest – Jeans: Hole’y Acid Splashed Jeans

Outside Y-3, II
Photo By: Phil Oh


Another From Tory Burch Fashion’s Night Out Party

Jacket: Pink Blazer – Dress: Floral Print Dress

Hat: Black Knit Hat – Shoes: Black Booties – Bag: Black Clutch

Another From Tory Burch Fashion's Night Out Party
Photo By: Phil Oh


Outside Y-3, Spring 2010 Show

Jacket: White and Black VINTAGE Paint Splatter’y Jacket

T-Shirt: Black RAQUEL ALLEGRA T-Shirt – Shorts: Black Shorts – Shoes: Black Peep-Toe Boots

Outside Y-3, Spring 2010 Show

Photo By: Phil Oh


Vika at Marc by Marc S/S 2010

Dress: Black V-Neck Dress – Tights: Sheer Black Dot Leggings

Shoes: Turquoise Heels – Bag: Black STELLA MCCARTNEY Bag

Vika at Marc by Marc S/S 2010
Photo By: Phil Oh

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