Style: Work and Play

Longer work days, heavier commute…can’t we just go straight from work to play?

Presenting a perfectly executive wardrobe that doubles as chic nightlife attire, transporting our mind and body from work mode to play mode is now easier than ever. By wearing a neutral and elegant base of gray or black, it is possible to transform our look from 9 to 5 daytime to after-hours playtime. By adding bolder and colorful accessories to your office outfit or changing your typical run-about-the-office/commuting shoes to luscious red stilettos, your state of mind will be renewed.

Tackle the day with around-the-clock style and you will be able to leave the headaches at your workplace all through the night.

A.-Embellished Patent Cuff by Erickson Beamon;

B.-Tweed Waistcoat by Kate Moss, Topshop;

C.-Chantilly Lace Top by L’Wren Scott;

D.-Nappa Leather Jacket by Fendi;

E.-Long Sweater Coat by Forever 21;

F.-Kimono Style Cardigan by Alexander McQueen;

G.-Pleated High-Waisted Skirt by Alexander McQueen;

H.-Stud Detail Cardigan, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel;

I.-Black Trench Coat by Gucci;

J.-Short Sleeve Day Dress by Miu Miu;

K.-Loose Knit Sweater by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania;

L.-Drop Waist Dress by Chloé;

M.-The Handy Clutch by Marc Jacobs;

N.-Roll Neck Dress by Nina Ricci;

O.-Belted High-Waisted Skirt by Forever 21;

P.-Knit Jacket with Cape Shoulders, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel;

Q.-Enid Silk Dress by Luella;

R.-Duchess Blouse by La Petite Salope.


Winter’s Tomboy Style: Preppy Cardigan with Skinny Jeans!

Mix đồ cho cô nàng mê ROCK !!!

from newfoundlust


One thought on “Style: Work and Play

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