An Tribal trend Collection


Much too often, the tribal trend means slapping an ikat print on a dress and calling it a day. But when it comes to traditional aesthetics, there’s tons of material to love and draw inspiration from. Aussie designer Tina Kalivas’ latest collection left us slack-jawed with pieces that are at once an exercise in ebullience and restraint. Reappropriating traditional African pattern-making, her collection is filled with mesmerizing prints splashed on streamlined silhouettes. The peplumed skirts would look stunning with a slouchy, black sweater or a sleek buttoned-up shirt, and we’re going gaga for that printed, stunner of a dress with the hip ruffles and sexy princess bodice. The best part? There’s not a stupid leather sandal or wooden accessory in the whole lookbook. Brava, Tina!





By Connie Wang


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